March Updates

Hello, Friends! I’m Kim Danger, your Team Beachbody Coach.  Now that March is here and weather is starting to get warmer, you may be thinking about what you can do to give your life a fresh start.  The thing is, most people know what they need to do, they just don’t do it. Get up… Read more »

Team Training

As a member of our team, you will receive all the training and support you need to succeed.  It’s up to you to take it!  It is important that you start with the basics to get a strong grasp on building your business with a solid foundation.  After that, we focus on using intermediate and… Read more »

Join Us!

I’m looking for a few MOTIVATED people who want to help others achieve their health and fitness goals who would like to join our team and earn money in the process.  You DO NOT have to be a certain age, at your fitness goal, or have a health and fitness background (I wasn’t when I… Read more »

Vision Board Planning Session

First we dream, then we plan. The mentoring sessions and vision board party at our #FIREANDICERETREAT17 was all about allowing ourselves to step out of our comfort zones and reverse-engineering plans to get it done. Tips for planning your vision board: 1. Think of Top 5-7 Areas of Focus Health & Fitness – How would… Read more »

Mall of America Scavenger Hunt

What better place to hold a scavenger hunt than Mall of America? Our Fire and Ice Retreat crew split into three teams and raced around the mall hugging strangers, posing with Nickelodeon characters, trying on lipstick at Sephora and showing off our planking form. In the end, it was a two-way tie; but the victory… Read more »

Beachbody Super Saturday Minneapolis

On Sunday, January 8th we came together to listen to motivational speakers, Elite coaches and participate in a LIVE workout.  Oh, and planking is always part of the fun!

Leadership Retreat Coronado Island 2016

  In October 2016, Beachbody held its Leadership Retreat on Coronado Island off the coast of San Diego.  Team Leaders were invited to attend, and events included cocktail receptions with the trainers, leadership sessions, live workouts with Joel, Jericho, and Autumn Calabrese, a “Beachbody Olympics” team building activity on the beach, and a “Mermaids and… Read more »

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Day 14: Confidence

Whenever you start something new, it is normal to feel impatient with the imperfections involved with learning how to do it, and it’s easy to lose confidence in yourself in the process. Confidence isn’t a mysterious thing; it’s just a pattern of self- belief we develop from our experiences. Consider these five choices you can… Read more »

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Day 16: Create Effective Social Media Posts

The more you use social media to connect with people and help them as a Team Beachbody Coach, the better you’ll get at it. It really is important to try and post at least three times a day on your social media. At first, you may not see that much of a difference in how… Read more »

Day 13: Initiating Conversations

How do you strike up a conversation with someone in person or on social media? Simple—you just do it! I know that initiating a conversation isn’t always comfortable, so here are a few suggestions to help you:   First, when you’re just starting up a conversation, remember that the goal is to simply connect with the… Read more »

  • Day 11: Follow-Ups

    So far, you’ve made regular posts on your social media pages and have reached out to people on your Contact List. This is great! Most people will need more than one or two conversations with you before they are ready to make a decision. They’re watching you on social media and they’re seeing what YOU… Read more »

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  • Day 8: Inviting

    Inviting people is one of the key activities for you as a Coach. When we genuinely want to help others, inviting becomes a natural step. Without much thought, we talk about what we feel passionate about…so don’t overthink inviting. Keep it simple and conversational. Consider these four points. –> Be clear. In an attempt to… Read more »

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  • Day 9: Personal Development

    As an owner of a Team Beachbody coaching business, you’ll quickly discover the importance of personal development. As you improve yourself, your ability to improve your business also increases. Personal development helps you focus on the things in your life you CAN CONTROL to make a difference in your life and in your business. This… Read more »

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    Day 3: Your Why Story

    Today, let’s start working on building your own Coach story. This is what you’ll share with your contacts as you invite them to our upcoming Challenge Group. Great storytelling follows a formula, and you can spot this pattern in many of your favorite books and movies because IT WORKS. You do not have to have… Read more »

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  • Day 2: The Power of WHY

    Do you know your “Whyˮ? Your WHY is the reason you became a Team Beachbody Coach. But don’t let this simple explanation fool you—having a clear WHY is one of your most powerful tools as a Coach. A meaningful why will help you push through obstacles, stay focused on your goals, and help you connect with… Read more »

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  • Day 4: Inviting

    To find people to help in your upcoming Challenge Group, start with the people closest to you. Initially, they are going to be the most willing to trust you and be interested in what you are doing. You created your initial Contact List of friends and family before you started this training. Visit it again… Read more »

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