Day 4: Inviting

You're InvitedTo find people to help in your upcoming Challenge Group, start with the people closest to you. Initially, they are going to be the most willing to trust you and be interested in what you are doing.

You created your initial Contact List of friends and family before you started this training. Visit it again and see if you can add any names to the list you may have left out (Don’t forget to use the Memory Jogger in the Coach Online Office (COO)).

With your list ready, now for the fun part—time to invite! You’ve shared your WHY story on social media so now that your friends and family are aware that you are a new Team Beachbody Coach, it’s time to show them what you have to offer!

Don’t overcomplicate this step, keep it simple and be yourself! Let your friends and family know that you are looking for some great Success Stories to help launch your coaching business
and that you really want to help them. Share your story with them and then ASK THEM TO JOIN YOU in your Challenge Group.

Example: [after you share your story in a separate post] “You can see I’m really excited about coaching and I can’t wait to start helping people. My first focus is to help those closest to me, and positive experience in the Group would be a great help to me as I get my coaching business started.

There are many mediums you can use to invite them to your Group, but remember the most impactful way is face-to-face. Of course, this isn’t always timely, so the next best thing is the phone, then private messaging on social media (the voice feature is the most personal). It’s not enough to simply post a blanket invite on Facebook – a common coach mistake. It’s perfectly fine, and even recommend to post one, but you can’t rely on that alone to attract customers.

Check in with our Coach Basics Group Assignment on Inviting

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