Day 16: Create Effective Social Media Posts

The more you use social media to connect with people and help them as a Team Beachbody Coach, the better you’ll get at it. It really is important to try and post at least three times a day on your social media. At first, you may not see that much of a difference in how people engage with your posts, but be consistent and I promise it will grow!

Here are 8 tips to consider:

  1. Add value in your content. Think about your ideal customer and make sure your posts add value to them.  What type of information do they want/need?  What types of things do they like to discuss
  2. Ask yourself, “What are the top 5 things I’m most passionate about and why?” Then make sure you have a couple of posts each week about each thing on that list.
  3. Make sure your profile picture is a picture of your face… and that you’re smiling.
  4. Update your cover photo to reflect 3–5 of the things you’re most passionate about (from the list above). There are a lot of free online tools, like and, that can help you do this.
  5. Visit other social media pages and blogs, and join in the conversation.
  6. Be you! Look at other pages for ideas you can use for inspiration, but always be yourself in your posts!
  7. Use images and/or videos in your posts, not just text. Make sure that the images are eye-catching!  Avoid the clutter of collages and adding too much text to your images.  A single, brightly-colored photo is scroll-stopping.
  8. Space your posts out during the day; don’t post everything all at once.

CALL TO ACTION:  Tweak your personal FB profile according to the tips above.  Share the link in the Coach Basics group.

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