Day 12: The Four Vital Behaviors

At Beachbody, we know one of the key secrets to your success as a Coach is following the 4 Vital Behaviors EVERY DAY. During the Launch Phase of your Coach Basics training, you’ve experienced all four of these behaviors already. The key is to turn them into habits so they push your business forward!

1. Connect/Invite. First, connect with someone to be a friend and get to know them, and then invite them to join your Challenge Group. Don’t overcomplicate it—remember, all it takes is talking to people with the intent of helping them. In fact, take a look at the Contact Lists you have been filling out.

 How many people have you connected with?
 How many people have you invited?
 How many people expressed interested in joining a challenge group?
 How many invites do you need to do each week to earn Success Club each month?

2. Be proof the products work.You can’t expect someone to join a Challenge Group if you’re not in one yourself. You don’t have to have an amazing transformation story; you just need to be on your journey.

3. Personal development. To improve your business, you need to improve yourself. When you work on personal development, it will help you with every area of your business and give you the confidence to overcome any of the challenges you may encounter along the way.

4. Recognize, recognize, recognize. Recognition creates a positive platform for your team to learn about overcoming obstacles. By recognizing and rewarding positive behaviors, your team members feel valued and motivated to continue their journey.

Watch the video below, check in with the conversation on this topic in our Coach Basics Group and let us know what questions you have!

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