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Day 18: Comfort Zones

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable will help you be more successful as a Coach. Anytime you learn something new, like the skills of becoming a successful Coach, you’ll often find yourself feeling uncomfortable. That’s okay; it means you’re pushing yourself to try new things! When you’re outside of your comfort zone: You’re more productive because you’re… Read more »

Coach Basics

Day 1: New Coach Welcome Day 2: The Power of WHY Day 3: Your Why Story Day 4: Inviting Day 5: Social Media Day 6: Shakeology Day 7: Challenge Packs Day 8: Inviting Day 9: Personal Development Day 10: Overcoming Objections WEEKEND ASSIGNMENT:  Be more INTERESTED than INTERESTING Day 11: Follow-ups Day 12: The Four… Read more »

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Day 21: Asking for a Decision

Nothing in your business happens until a decision is made. You can’t be afraid to ask people to make a decision; it’s how they make positive steps with you as their Coach and it’s also how you’ll be able to better manage your time by focusing it on those who are ready to start! Common… Read more »

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Day 20: Consistency

One of the key determining factors of your success as a Coach will be your consistency in building relationships and showing up for your business EVERY DAY. You’re growing, learning, and becoming a better Coach every day, but you’re also at the point where consistency can be a challenge. Showing up each day for your… Read more »

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Day 19: Dealing with Commitment Objections

“Thinking will not overcome fear…but action will.” –W. Clement Stone Most people you speak with who are looking to improve their fitness and overall health won’t be in the habit of finding time to work out and eat healthy. They’ll tell you that they feel incredibly busy and so while they know they need to… Read more »